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No, I have decided to keep this page as my own. Do you see my new sidebar? Yes, I must have my Black around or it's not a bar at all. What do you think of my new site? I know it's pretty boring, but I just started it after this girl didn't know what to do. So now the world will listen to all my innermost thoughts. Actually no one really reads these, it is very much like praying. Do you really think someone is listening? Well they aren't. You will look back on your deathbed and wish that you had saved all those wasted praying breaths for one last look at nature, the real god of the earth.

Wow, your page sucks

wow! I am reading… but I cannot listen anything… what is to be listened here?? giuvic at yahoo dot com

I am listening!!!! Be careful of what you say!!!! Your thoughts are energy! Be careful of what you wish for; you just may get it!G_d